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What makes our work special is our holistic view of things, coupled with an unconditional commitment to quality.

Design + Craftsmanship in perfection


Stores are businesses that are entirely intended for product sales. The only purpose here is to sell the best things to the customer in the best way. The most important point of the store decoration is that the decoration work you do is not more interesting than your products. The shop decors revealing the product are abundant designs that are self-evident as soon as you enter the door. We recommend that you carefully select your entrance decor to ensure that the first contact with the customer is effective. Mobiarc has successfully implemented many trend designs thanks to its experience in store decoration.


One of the selling point for customers when looking for a hotel is how they feel about its interior design.


If guests are not comfortable with the overall design of the inside or find them unpleasant, there is a huge likelihood that they will be looking for another hotel place to stay.


The look & feel of the furniture in your hotel room or suite defines what how you rate and class the hotel itself- fours star or five stars and this is the reason why it is important to not take interior design lightly for granted.


Restaurant & Cafe Decoration

Restaurants and cafes  Mobiarc Interior furniture Design has attracted many people. As Restaurant furniture design sets the stage for customers dining experience, you want customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their meals. The design of a restaurant should be a balance between a welcoming ambiance and maximum seating capacity and the most important, restaurant interior design should make guests feel comfortable. They should feel the beauty of the place, the harmony between colors, and creativity in smart sound system etc. In Mobiarc Interior Design, this is what we seek to achieve.



Mobiarc Ready-specific production of the project, interior decoration applications. Thanks to the infrastructure that can serve the person and the institution has set up a special wooden furniture manufacturing company, as well as all the special projected, store decoration and architectural design services and applications, performs project-based boutique production. Personal and corporate-specific design and architectural projects, interior decoration, furniture coupon takes care to create an attractive and modern designs. Placement of furniture and accessories to use during the application design is very importance. The modern, minimal style for many different applications, such as serving.


Inegöl Factory : 
Mahmudiye mahallesi Tandoğan caddesi 24. sokak. 3/E
İnegöl / Bursa / TURKEY

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Tel: 0216 505 21 95 (pbx)

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